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Poems For Candle Lighting

Adult Friends

You guys are our best family friends,
I hope our good times never end,
Memories of Fluffy and our pets are so funny,
You two have had such a good impact on our family,
Being with you is always great,
Ewelina and Bill, please put on piece number eight

Thank you for coming from so far away
My parents talk about you night and day
Mike and Randy have been great friends
But its Faye that talks to my mom until nights end
You both are very special to my family
Please place this next piece with me

What more can I say, except oy-vay
Mitchel, you’ve been friends with my mom forever
Wow, what an endeavor!
From the North East Philly, New York, and L.A.
You are always there to celebrate the holidays
Now that I am grown up and you are my friend too
Come place the next piece so I can share this night with you

Old friends are so special and rare,
Each of you has always shown how much you care.
You all have known me the longest, since I can remember,
It’s with love and friendship that we share this special night in September.
The Rosenwassers, Sichels, Dinars, and Rawas, thanks for celebrating with me tonight,
This fifth candle is for all of you to light,

As neighbors and friends you’re all really great,
Together we laugh, we play and celebrate.
The times we share are always so fun,
The memories we make, have only just begun.
When we get together we make a great mix,
So would the Borgmans, the Wittensteins, the Domskys and Waters come light candle number six.

She's our shopper, plumber, doctor, and vet
With friends like them, how lucky can we get.

Dining, vacationing, golfing and more
Our families spend lots of time together, that's for sure

If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be here
So for our matchmaker and old friends let's give a big cheer

Shears, Shapiros, Weiners and Neil
These Good Friends do anything for a free meal.
Getting together to have fun all the time
Friends you can count on are really mighty fine.

Real old friends and hard to find
Vicki and George, Paige and Jimmy are those kind
The Klein's and Dietz's, from coast to coast
Those old friends we count on the most

Old friends are precious, there special and rare,
And at times when we're not together we know how much you care
So Lisa and Debbie, bring up your men
And light this candle, it's #10

We've been through a lot over the years,
Some filled with laughter and some filled with tears.
But in our hearts you will always stay,
Barb, Steve, Jen and Jess come light this candle on my special day

Jumping on the trampoline or swimming in the pool,
Thinking of all the fun we’ve had almost makes me drool.
Celebrating holidays and playing DDR,
Or mud sliding in the rain, which was a little bit bizarre.
I can’t believe how lucky I am to have cousins as close as you,
Living near is such treat, and that I always knew.
With out you guys, who would I be,
So can Aunt Stacy, Uncle Rob, Mollie, Rebecca and Andy come light candle three.

Hanging out together and games of Hide and Seek,
The fun we have together is definitely unique.
We share a last name, how cool is that?
And we get along great, but not so much our cats.
Of all the times I see you guys I wish it could be more,
Can Aunt Stacey, Uncle Glen, Samantha and Zoe come light candle number four

Super bowls and barbeques, we never spend apart,
Laughing, eating, having fun and playing Mario Kart.
Our amazing Halloween costumes, I never will forget,
Or the time we used hailstones to throw in the basketball net.
At the 4th of July Phillies games, I have such a great time,
The fireworks are always cool in the rain or shine.
Our three families make the perfect mix,
So will the Cohens and Millers come light candle number six.

You guys know my mom better than I do,
And you’ve been friends since forever, wow, who knew!
Here’s a task I hope you can handle,
Can the Gordons and Cherrys come light the seventh candle.


You’ve watched me grow through out the years,
Being supportive and drying my tears.
Whether playing free cell with Poppy or just joking around,
Or playing scrabble with the “hottest” grandma in town.
Thanks for all the two of you contributed tonight,
With much love, the very first candle is yours to light.

I’m so glad all of you could make it here,
I’ll never forget the fun camp fires, Steelers games and dinners through out the year.
Although our times together are few,
I enjoy every moment I spend with all of you.
You guys are amazing to say the least,
Please come light my 2nd candle, Grandmom Pat.

You are the only person I know who comes to every game,
You ask if I’m still beautiful and tell me I’m on my way to fame.
I care about you more than you know,
For a laugh or a story I know exactly where to go.
Poppy Harvey, you’re the best and always will be,
So please dance your way up to light candle number three.

Spending time in New Jersey with Mom-mom M
Is always a time I wish would never end
Being with you and the entire family
Is definitely a special time for me
This piece is yours to place

Being your only grandson is sometimes difficult
When around you, I always seem to cause some sort of tumult
I love spending time with you two either at our house or yours
Playing games, watching tv, and building puzzles of dinosaurs
I’m so glad that both of you are here with me
Come join me and place piece number three

Mesala, Mysala was the game that we played,
I sat on your lap and there I always stayed.
You used to come and take us out to lunch,
But as we got older you took us out to brunch.
Pop-Pop Fred you know that I love you,
So come up here with Tybie and make this candle glow.

I love when you take me shopping all over the town,
We buy clothes and make-up, or just walk around.
I'm the daughter you always wanted, I'm as girlie as can be,
That is what you always say, to my mom and me.
So with all my love, please start the fun,
Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop, light candle #1.

Two special men who light up my life,
Pop Joe and Grandpop Eddie are with us tonight.
With thoughts and memories of them so dear,
Candle #1, I light, so they are near.

Two people with whom I share much joy,
Thank god Grandma found a boy!
From Florida to New York and the Jersey Shore,
Grandma and Sam couldn't love me more.
Grandma and Sam please light the second candle.

This lady has hair, reed as fire,
She is someone I really admire.

She loves to dance, clog and tap,
And for Oyster crackers lets give a big clap.

Down in Florida or at the shore,
Visiting you is never a bore.
Shopping on the boardwalk and having a blast,
Or tanning and swimming, our time goes fast.
Whatever we do, I always have fun,
So will Mommom Marlene and Poppy Mel come light candle number one.

Staying at your house when there was a storm,
At the piano, we loved to perform.
Eating chocolates or playing with trains,
My love for you always remains.
But the thing I love most is the love from you,
So will Mommom Sondra and Poppy Richard come light candle number two.

Aunts, Uncles, Cousins

Our crazy holiday dinners are exciting, I’ll say,
I’ll never forget our crazy attempts to make a so called play.
It is with out question that you truly do care,
And I know when I need you, you’ll always be there.
Will Aunt Lori, Uncle Eric, and Aunt Stacey, Uncle Brian, Morgan, Danielle, Michael, Samantha, Jack and Jake, who are so special always and tonight,
Come make this candle shine so bright.

Although you're my cousins, I don't feel this way,
Our friendship means more to me, than I could ever say.
Melissa with her acting,
Mike and David who are fun,
Rhoda and Lloyd the woodcrest mavens,
Who always take the leading and run.
Please come up and help me celebrate this day,
And light this candle in your own special way.

The Labor Day Block Party on your street is so neat,
The games, activities, and food, you can't beat.
We always have fun and have lots of kicks,
Aunt Sandy and Uncle Eddie please light candle #6.

Aunt Harriet's not with is to celebrate this way,
But Uncle Marvin and his children will help make my day.
Besides being family and all of that chive,
You're so special to me, so please light candle #5.

Aunt Alex and Uncle Rick's house is pretty during holiday time,
The food, the decorations, the gifts, and the wine.
Brad and Wendy I know, but I don't remember Lee,
So walk on up and light this candle with me.

Aunt Janice can be found marking quizzes and tests,
While Uncle Jeff is busy smoking the turkey breasts.
Shara, Lara, and Lisa are cousins to me,
So all come up and light candle #3.

Win special rides and dinners too,
Without Nanny here I'd really be blue.
She's across the street and always close,
Light number 3, cause you love me the most.

Uncle Larry and Aunt Maria and baby to be,
I'm so glad you will soon be three.
We have a blast regardless of weather,
We have a good time when we are together.
Come light number 4.

At Dana's candle lighting you were busy having fun,
But this time let's make sure it all gets done.
Jeannie, Eileen, Paul, Dick, Marian, Randy, Cindy, and Gordy,
Please come light this candle before I an forty.

Josh, Corey, Craig, Erica, and Kate,
Levy and Weinberg's, I think you are great.
Vacations and skiing are always the best,
Aunt Pearl and Uncle Jack come up with the rest.
Come up and light number 6.

The Sichel cousins are quite a bunch,
They come to Nanny's and stay for lunch.
Steve, Valerie, Baby M, Scott, Dianna, Christopher, Halie
Esther, Sam, Zach, Jonah, Caroline, Stephanie, Jaeda, and Audrey,
Come up and light this candle for me.

Seeing you is lots of fun,
You remember my birthdays each and every one.
Receiving cards is such a treat,
And the cool things we do can not be beat.
From where you live it’s quite a far drive,
But will Marion and Hesh come light candle number five.

Young Friends

Friends from everywhere are so important to me
From joking about teachers to watching movies
I always have the best time with all of you
Cheering me up when I’m feeling blue
Sports, School, and Dances with you all are always fun
Please place this next piece, for the night has only just begun.

Each and every day of my life revolves around you four,
You guys have given me laughs, love, support and so much more.
You are my 24 x 7 best friends and that’s the way it will always be,
You guys have proven that you don’t need to be blood to be family.
You know who you are, RoHo, BenEd, Mai Blank, and Jer,
Candle number sevens yours because “Mmm.. It’s always better when were together!”

From hanging around at dance, school, the plaza or the mall,
To talking online, text messaging and long night phone calls.
I’ve gone through everything with you guys from my first crush to my first kiss,
During the summer our good times I truly miss.
You all give the best advice and are always there,
Whether its boy problems or just something simple as a bump in my hair.
All my friends who have made this night so special and all look so fine,
Party your way up to light candle number nine!

When we're with guys, you don't understand,
We have so much fun, the funs never canned.
Somtimes they are annoying and get on our nerves,
But of course we forgive them, unless gossip occurs.
You guys know your good friends to me, aren't we?
So, David, Mike L, Aron, Mike S, Adam, Ryan, Andrew M,
Andrew P, Matt, Blake and Gabe,
Light this candle for you and me.

Me and the gang like to go to the movies and hang out out the mall,
We like to go ice skating, they watch me fall.
We love to party and stay with the guys,
We have so much fun, the fun never dies.
We wanna have fun in all that we do,
So Jayde, Fannon, Kristin J, Danielle R, Eden, Jessica,
Lisa H, Danielle D, Lisa B, Rachel L, Jenn, and Gwen,
This candle is for you.

Camp Nockamixon just could not be funner,
We all will go back for another great summer.
With rats and bats, and bad laundry too,
This party would not be complete without all of you.
Meredith, Britney, Bryce, Jessica, Sue, Casey, Eric, and Jen,
Come up and light candle #10.

Casey and Jen to name the best two,
Look at all my friends there are more than a few.
Sara, Eve, Sara, Jill, and Devin,
I have a lot more friends than just seven.
Aaron and Mike, I hope you have fun,
All my friends come up and get this candle done.

Playing at gymnastics or climbing the iceberg at the lake,
Or playing around with shaving cream when we shouldn’t’ have been awake.
Leaving on the last day of camp always makes me teary,
And having so much fun together always makes me weary.
So many great memories that I never will forget,
You guys got on a pretty big roller coaster, but that I don’t regret.
Living with you guys couldn’t be better,
And we’ve made it through almost all kinds of weather.
I can’t begin to explain why this camp is so great,
So will all my friends from Timber Tops come light candle number eight.

Hanging in the bunk or going to activities,
Every single day of camp is like a great festivity.
I’m glad I get to spend half my summer with you guys,
I can’t wait for next summer, but of course that’s no surprise.
Crazy, funny, amazing and awesome is how I would define,
All my friends from Willow Grove Day Camp who are lighting candle number 9.

Who would I be with out all of my friends,
All the great things we’ve done never really end.
Some of you are new to me and some I’ve known forever,
But anything we do is fun as long as were together.
One things for sure that our friendships won’t end,
So will all my friends come light candle number ten.


You think your so special and some big sports pro,
Well I guess you’re pretty special, but I’ll always be the favorite you know.
You tell me how much smarter you are than me, but what you can’t tell,
Is how hard our families laughing during ghost when you’re trying to spell.
Well I’ve had my fun here, but that was the end,
I’m actually really glad that lately we’ve become closer and now you’re my really good friend.
Ceej, you’ll never believe this, but I look up to you and I truly love you so,
Come up and light candle number nine, my favorite big bro.

Sometimes I'm rude and I get on his case,
But no-one could ever take my brother's place.
He sticks up for me and cheers me up when I'm down,
That's only one of the reasons, I like having him around.
Jordan, I love you, you're my best friend too,
So light this candle for me and you.


Jenna I’ve always loved you throughout the years
We have so many memories filled with laughter and tears
Even though we fight, we remain so close
I know that at times you find me annoyingly verbose
You’ve helped me in every class
But you’re knowledge I still can’t surpass
Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me
Please come up and help me place the next piece

Cara, my baby, you’re looking mighty fine,
Let me just say your one of a kind.
You are my favorite sister and literally my BEST friend, this everyone knows,
But, I hate it when I catch you wearing my clothes.
Unlike most sister relationships, I enjoy having you around,
You always give the warmest hugs and have the comfiest shoulder when I am down.
Car, whether your trying to be Chinese or not, I love you in everyway,
Come light this candle, like you light up my life each and every day. 

Then there is Dana, what a sister,
It's been some time since I've kissed her.
She's the best and my number one,
Light the candle and have some fun.

This little girl is nice, funny and cute,
She's special to me and a great sister, to boot.

Alissa, Alissa what’s there to say?
You are a really nice sister to me almost every day.
You’re definitely my favorite sister although my only one,
I’m so lucky to have a sister like you and we are always having fun.
I love you a lot as you can see,
So come light candle eleven for me.


Sadly there are some people who cannot join us here tonight
Their memory will remain in my heart sealed tight
Pop-Pop Phil’s and Pop-pop-pop Leon ‘s lives’ have unfortunately ceased
Let us remember them with this first puzzle piece

I'm sure I would have loved her, and she would have loved me back,
But the knowledge of her I tend to lack.
I don't really remember her very much,
But a place in my heart she'll always touch.
In menory of my Mom-Mom Celia, I light this candle today,
And a place in my heart she'll always stay.

This candle is for all those who are not here,
Their memories in my heart will always be dear.

Mom & Dad

You are the two most special people in my life,
A handsome man and loving wife.
You’ve out done yourself again, today was truly a dream come true,
I can’t stress enough how much I love you!
The host and hostess now it’s your turn,
From the two of you, so much I have learned.
I look up to you guys, you are my heroes,
You both are amazing people, this everyone here knows.
So light this candle in honor of the love that we share,
And truly I thank you, for everything, the party, the support, the love, the laughs and always, always, always the care.

Dad, you’re a fun guy to be around
You cheer me up when I’m feeling down
We like to do almost anything together
Even though were apart, we make time in all sorts of weather
Hanging out, games, and TV
Are some of the many things you do with me
Dad, please come up and place the next piece

The two of you have been an inspiration
Even though Jenna and I can be an aggravation
Mom, you have your ways
Of making me smile on gloomy rainy days
Randy, I love you more than words can explain
When you married my mom, it was definitely a gain
Thank you both for everything, please come join me and place this next piece

Randy, you’re such a great step-dad to me
You’re always there when I need you
From helping with schoolwork to building things
Whenever I’m with you, we have so much fun
There’s no step-dad like you, I promise, not one
Randy—put on puzzle piece 14

There are two special people in my life,
A handsome man and loving wife.
They got stuck with me exactly 13 years ago,
Who would of thought the years would flow?
They have gone by so fast I can't believe,
But mom and dad, you've helped me acheive,
So light this candle and my love again, you will receive.

These are the people who planned and paid for all this,
Thank you so much for everything; here's a big kiss.

The host and hostess now its your turn,
For Mom and Dad, so much I have learned.
So jump and shout and all give a cheer,
Now with Amy and Buzzy all of the gang is here.

Of course I’ve known you guys since I was born,
And for 13 great years, that love hasn’t worn.
You are the two most special people in my life,
An awesome guy and his wonderful wife.
Both of you are great inspirations,
Even when me and Alissa can be a bit of an aggravation.
If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be here today,
So let’s light this candle so we can partay.
Once again my love for you, I can’t begin to tell,
But will Mom and Dad come light candle number twelve.