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Custom Candle Lighting

A Special Thank You!

The thirteen candles, also known as the candle lighting ceremony, for many families, is an important part of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration. The Candle Lighting ceremony has no religious foundation. Instead, its origin is derived from the simple principles of graciousness, hospitality, and the recognition of appreciation towards special individuals. It is the opportunity for a young man or woman to take a moment out of their festivities and say thank you to individuals who have played an important role in their life.

Standard Candle Lighting

A medley of up-tempo Jewish music is played as the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child calls up friends and relatives to light candles. Please note that the client is responsible for providing the candles, holders, lighters, etc.

Ceremony Decor

Enhance the beauty and sentimentality of the Candle Lighting Ceremony and make it a memorable moment with your choice of beautiful candleholders and candlesticks displayed on a specially accented table linen.

Custom Candle Lighting

Songs are individually selected for each person or group that the Bar/Bat Mitzvah calls up to light a candle. Each song is edited to the verse so that the song's meaning is conveyed as the candle is being lit. Premier Entertainment will provide the candles and holders.